Heat safety tips with temperatures on the rise

Heat safety tips with temperatures on the rise
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OREGON, OH (WTOL) - Some folks consider Memorial Day weekend the unofficial start of summer, and this year, the temperatures are expected to reflect that.

What should you do before walking out the door to prepare for yourself and your family?

Saturday morning is the WTOL River Run 10K and the Memorial Day Parade. You likely have other outdoor plans this weekend as well.

With temperatures forecast in the 90s, I asked a local doctor, how you can plan ahead to keep cool in all this heat.

Dr. Anthony D. Atkins, M.D., Urgent Care Physician for Mercy Healthcare Systems has some tips to stay safe.

"Some women wear their hats, some people go out with their umbrellas, but the key is hydration. You know, clothes: don't wear heat absorbing clothing, wear light clothing, or light colored clothing that reflects the heat. Above all else, use your common sense," said Atkins.

It's one thing to keep yourself safe, but many, like infants and the elderly don't have the same awareness that we do when they're getting overheated. Sometimes, their symptoms can show up differently, and the how the heat is affecting them can be overlooked.

"Most people mid-range, they can, 'oh, I kind of know what's going on,' and there's a certain presentation. but with the extremes of age, the presentation can be atypical and missed," explained Atkins.

This is the time of year where we start to hear tragic stories caused from people leaving children and pets in the car. So, what's the threshold when it's still okay to do that?

"It's never okay! And I don't understand how people can, how does that even cross your mind, " Dr. Atkins asked.

The doctor said even with cloud cover keeping you out of the direct sunlight, humidity can still lead to heat related illnesses.

Atkins said he always tries to check on his neighbors, especially those getting up there in years, and suggests that everyone check on their neighbors and elderly family members as soon as this weekend as possible.

"Some people have air conditioners, some people don't, some people have fans. So you just have to be neighborly and check on your neighbors," he said.

If you start to feel overheated, try to rest somewhere cool or head inside. If that's not enough, and hydrating isn't helping either, seek medical attention immediately.

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