Former home to generations of BGSU students being torn down

Former home to generations of BGSU students being torn down
Harshman Quad was turned to rubble this week (Source: WTOL)

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - The landscape on the Bowling Green State University campus continues to change.

BGSU is tearing down Harshman Quadrangle. Each school year for decades, the building housed hundreds of students who will now only have bittersweet memories from living in the tight quarters.

There are a lot of mixed emotions on campus as students walk by to see their former home being torn down.

"A little part of me hurts, because like seeing it close is one thing but like actually seeing them tear it down, it's like wow I made so many memories there," said student Bria Johnson.

The demolition is the most recent campus construction project. The empty area will become a green space.

"When I heard about it, I was actually in class and my friend was like, wow that's a huge chunk! And I was like a huge chunk of what? And she turned around and showed me the picture and I was like what I just drove by that this morning! When did this happen? It had to have happened in the last 5 minutes," said student Brianna Rae Quinn.

Hannah Hall is the next building on the makeover list.

It will be renamed and become the new home of the business school.

Plans for the space that used to be the Forrest Creason Golf Course have yet to be announced.

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