Communities exploring different options for water systems

Communities exploring different options for water systems
(Source: The report encompasses all of 2017, showing there were no violations for contaminants found in our water.)

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - Bowling Green is one of many neighboring communities that are looking at different options for their water system.

Maumee and Perrysburg have until 2024 to decide if they will renew their contract with Toledo water.

Concerns about water quality and cost have caused them to look elsewhere.

Bowling Green city officials say no one has officially approached them, but that doesn't mean pairing up with neighboring communities isn't a possibility.

"I think we're always interested in exploring different ways to benefit our own residents. And if we can help others we're looking to do that," said Joe Fawcett; BG assistant municipal administrator.

As they already are by serving to northwest water and to the community of Waterville.

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