TAWA back on table after new water plan was ill-received

TAWA back on table after new water plan was ill-received

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - TAWA, or the Toledo Area Water Authority that has been talked about for months,is now back on the table after being taken off yesterday.

The new plan, called the Toledo Regional Water Commission, was just presented to mayors and city leaders across Northwest Ohio on Friday.

This was their first meeting after the plan was sent to them on Thursday.

In this plan, Toledo would maintain ownership of the Collins Park Water Treatment plant.

There would still be a board made up of nine members. Each entity gets one seat, and Toledo would get two.

One major change made to the plan was that Toledo city council would get veto power. The board sets the rate on how much you're paying for water, and if Toledo city council doesn't say no, it passes.

The contracts in this new plan would last 30 to 50 years and be the same for everyone across Northwest Ohio.

That plan did not go over well at the meeting with stakeholders, even though Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz felt the meeting went well.

"I felt we had a good meeting today with a lot of different opinions put forth. There are some voices in the room that are intrigued by and in fact supportive of our proposal. There are others who still have concerns and questions as the process continues," said Mayor Kapszukiewicz.

TAWA will be amended so the city of Toledo will lease the Collins Park Water Treatment plant.

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