Maumee Mayor disappointed in new water plan

Maumee Mayor disappointed in new water plan

MAUMEE, OH (WTOL) - After the city's new proposal, some of the suburban partners were stunned by what it entails.

So could the Toledo Regional Water Commission dissolve before it begins? After learning of Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz's new proposal, Toledo Regional Water Commission, Maumee's mayor said he was a bit insulted.

He feels it shows more regional governance than cooperation, what he has been hoping for, for years.

"I think that what that proposed agreement did is took us all the way back to when we first started mediation," said Maumee Mayor Richard Carr. "It set us that far back."

Mayor Carr spent the day talking with other players in the original TAWA deal and says they all feel the same. This proposal from Toledo, he said, isn't right and is not what they spent a year negotiating.

"It's not fair," said Mayor Richard Carr. "They just removed all the parts that were important to the suburbs, but kept everything we gave them which was important to them. That's why you could say the word frustrating. It's very frustrating, it's disappointing, it's like we spent months and months and months negotiating and then they come in and it's like they think we ignored everything they have raised."

Mayor Carr said based off what was presented he thinks the city will go elsewhere for water, but wants a decision by early next year. They have looked at other options like joining Perrysburg, Northwestern Water and Sewer District to use Bowling Green water.

Mayor Carr still believes regional water is the best option, but under the original memorandum of understanding or the Toledo Area Water Authority.

"We're at the point where we have to move forward and it's very disappointing," said Mayor Richard Carr. "I do not know how the City of Toledo can go forward and have to make a close to a billion dollars now in mandated repairs and improvements and they lost the bulk of their water sales?"

WTOL 11 also spoke with Sylvania Mayor Craig Stough who said he wants to give Toledo a chance to explain their proposal. He said based off what he has seen the Toledo Area Water Authority is still his preference.

The regional partners who are on TAWA's original memorandum of understanding will meet Friday morning to discuss this new proposal.

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