Donate Life seeks donors through education

Donate Life seeks donors through education
(Source: WTOL)

MAUMEE, OH (WTOL) - TransAmerica Financial Advisors, Inc. hosted Life Connection of Ohio Thursday night for an information session and networking event.

A captivated audience listened to speakers including a donor recipient about how important the gift of life is.

The event is called Give. Learn. Grow. It is presented with the vision of a community where everyone is inspired to Donate Life and each donation opportunity is fulfilled.

"About every 10 minutes someone new is added to the list. So the transplant list is growing. But our goal is always just to educate the public. We want everyone to be educated, make their own decisions, hopefully register to be an organ donor, but really, we just want to make sure we don't miss the opportunity to save lives when that opportunity is there," Kelly Valentine, Community Outreach Coordinator for Donate Life said.

More information on how to get involved with Donate Life, or about hosting a public education event like this to get others involved, they are a local Maumee office that can be reached here.

The list of those in need currently tops over 115,000 people. Donations typically go to someone in the donor's area, so you potentially could save the life of someone here locally.

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