Alumni visit Rossford High School one last time before it's demolition

Alumni visit Rossford High School one last time before it's demolition
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ROSSFORD, OH (WTOL) - They came to say goodbye Thursday night to Rossford High School.

Folks stood on the front steps snapping pictures of one another and reminiscing about what the building means to them.

It's about to be torn down.

"We had good memories. We learned a lot. Had fantastic teachers, nice group of friends. Good times here"  said Tascha Schunk of the Class of '88.

"Made lots of friends. Had wonderful teachers and lots of good times," added Anita Datson-Forsche, also of the Class of '88.

Glen Forbush  shot cell phone video of hallways soon to be reduced to rubble. He said the high school was like a home to him.

"It hurts me right here" he said pointing to his heart. "Miss it very much but it's time for a new school but I will miss it."

The new high school will go up at the same downtown location along with the new junior high school.

Not all memories are fading away though.

The original 1922 front portion of the building will be preserved and renovated which includes the school auditorium and connects a new generation of Bulldogs to the past.

"We're very proud of our students and alumni that go onto great success, contribute to our community. That's the hallmark of our school system," said District Superintendent Dan Creps, who also is a member of the Class of '84.

Demolition work will begin the second week of June.

Classes will be held at Owens Community College until the new high school opens in January, 2020.

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