TPS students get veterans graves ready for Memorial Day

TPS students get veterans graves ready for Memorial Day
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Thousands of American Flags mark the graves of those who've served our country.

Most of the flags at the Toledo Memorial Park and Cemetery were not placed by family but by volunteers. Volunteers young and old, like students from the Toledo Public Schools Aerospace Center.

"Respect the men and women who served and fell for this country so having family members of mine who did, I just wanted to do that for someone else's family members I guess," said Nicholas McKarus, sophomore at TPS Aerospace Center.

Many of those who were laid to rest may only be paid a visit once a year and not by family but by these students.

"So far the oldest one I've seen is WWI and I mean personally I don't know anybody in my family who served in WWI so there probably somewhat forgotten by a lot of their family members so just to come out here and do that if their family members can't is just a good way of doing it I guess," McKarus said.

"This is our fifth year out here at Toledo Memorial Park putting flags on the graves of our veterans," said Brad McDonald, instructor at TPS Aerospace Center. "One of the things, in addition to aviation that we teach is we really try to instill in our students the importance of giving back to the community."

Giving back, knowing the veterans that they're thanking won't be able to thank them in return. But taking more than two hours to carefully check the headstones and place the flags because it's the right thing to do.

"Some gravestones have been covered up with leaves and uncovering the name and finding that that's a name that's on the list and placing a flag there it kind of sets in your mind in a good way," said Michael Hill, senior at TPS Aerospace Center.

Leaving the students with a good feeling in their heart, knowing they're doing their part to make sure our veterans aren't forgotten.

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