Money Talks News: Weird ways to make extra money

Money Talks News - It wasn't that long ago that earning extra money meant picking up a part-time gig in a store or restaurant.

These days, earning extra is limited only by your imagination.There are both conventional and off the beaten path ideas.

An odd one is to sell your body. No, not the way you're thinking. There are lots of other ways.

For an example you can sell your blood and plasma. You can also sell your hair. Then there are clinical trials. These test the safety and effectiveness of new medicines, devices, and medical therapies.

A two or three day trial can pay between $1,000 to $2,000. The National Institutes of Health runs this searchable database. Just make sure you talk to your doctor first and read all the fine print before you sign up.

Now if those ideas sound a little bit much to you, you can always sell your stuff or your services online.

Of course there is something for the animal lovers out there too.

Earn some scratch by being a dog walker or pet sitter.

For those who love arts and crafts, sell what you make on sites like Etsy or Artfire.

There is even something for those who love to talk. If you can do speak in more than one language, you might find a gig as a part-time translator or online language teacher.

Even if you're not bilingual there is still something for you. Try being a customer service rep.

All about court-room drama? Some lawyers might pay to have you in an online jury focus group.

As you can see, there are a ton of ways to spend money in life, but there are also tons of ways to make money.

For more tips and more links on how to make that extra cash, head over to the Money Talks News website and do a search for "Making Extra Money."