Sunscreen pill? FDA says steer clear

Sunscreen pill? FDA says steer clear
(Source: Sunsafe Rx)

(WTOL) - Summertime has a lot of people looking to have fun in the sun - safely.

Whether you're partial to lotion or spray, it's important to have sunscreen on hand and on your body whenever you'll be spending time outside.

There's also another sunscreen option on the market in the form of a pill. However, the FDA says this shouldn't be an option at all.

According to TIME, the FDA sent warning letters to four companies that claim to make pills that can protect people from sun damage, telling them to reverse all violations associated with their products.

TIME reports the agency points out four specific products that are putting people's health at risk:

  • GliSODin Skin Nutrients' Advanced Skin Brightening Formula
  • Napa Valley Bioscience's Sunsafe Rx
  • Pharmacy Direct's Solaricare
  • Sunergized LLC's Sunergetic

A representative from Napa Valley Bioscience said their product is made with ingredients that studies show protect the skin from sun damage, but don't tell buyers that their product alone is enough to fully protect them from UV rays, according to TIME.

The FDA says there is no pill that could, or should, replace sunscreen.

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