Whiteford Township to wrap up construction of water treatment plant

WHITEFORD TWP, MI (WTOL) - In Michigan a new water treatment plant is almost done and coming in under budget.

Whiteford Township broke ground on their first water treatment plant just one year ago. Now, they are about a month away from finally turning on the switch.

This water treatment plant will change the way people and businesses get their water.

Whitefield Township Supervisor, Walt Ruhl, said that this is a big $10 million investment, but one that's worth it.

Ruhl said that there are four main differences between a plant like this and Toledo's water treatment plant.

The big difference between the two is the water water source.

This plant uses ground water instead of lake water which is more stable. The treatment is done with nano filtration instead of chemicals and none of the water is stored in open basins.

This plant also has the ability to sell water in bulk at it's filling station.

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