Fourteen road projects to fix city streets

Fourteen road projects to fix city streets
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - City roads have long been a complaint of  Toledo citizens, and city leaders are getting to work.

Crews are working on 14 mill and fill projects to fix our streets.

Many neighbors have complained about the condition of the streets in front of their homes but now, some are seeing progress.

One of the streets on the list to be repaired is Craigwood Rd. in West Toledo.

Toledo resident, Jim Garcia, said he hasn't lived there long, but knew it was bad.

"Everybody's disgusted, I mean, you know, I've talked to my next door neighbor and they said it's been like this for a long time," said Garcia.

City leaders tell me the streets are chosen based on need, complaints, and how much the roads are used.

Garcia said he's glad they're doing something on his street, but these issues are all over the city.

"In the meantime our vehicles are taking a beating. Nobody is going to repair our vehicles and it comes out of our pocket," said Garcia.

Crews finished in District 5 on Tuesday, and are working in District 6 currently.

Wednesday they worked on the Bowman park lot and Hagley Drive.

The process crews normally use is first, scraping off the first inch or two of the street and then laying down the new layer of pavement after that.

Garcia's street saw the first step Friday, but are waiting on the pavement to be laid.

"You come down our streets now and there is potholes all over so we don't know when they are going to come back and fix it," said Garcia.

Ignazio Messina, the City of Toledo spokesperson said this is all part of the process to getting better roads.

"We try and do it as seamlessly as possible," Messina said. "A crew will come and mill off the top layer, and then the next crew will come and put asphalt on, the fill part of this job within a day or so, so it's as seamless and painless as possible for the people that live along that road."

The mill and fill crews did 16 and a half miles of road last year, and they're hoping to up that number to 25.

This money is being used from the General Fund budget.

These are the roads being worked on:

  • Brant Rd. – Rambo Ln. to Planet Ave.
  • Oakridge Dr. – Richnor Dr. to Brant Rd.
  • Burgoyne Dr. – Jackman Rd. to Berwick Ave.
  • Belmar Ave. – Eleanor Ave. to Hagley Rd.
  • Hagley Rd. – Jackman Rd. to Commonwealth Ave.
  • Gould Rd. – Commonwealth Ave. to Belmar Ave. & Manorwood Rd. to Westway St. (circle)
  • Westway St. – Crestwood Rd. to Eleanor Ave
  • Criagwood Rd. – Manorwood Rd. to Gould Rd.
  • Eastway St. - Craigwood Rd. to Eleanor Ave.
  • Pennfield Rd. – Eleanor Ave. to Overland Pkwy.
  • Kepler Rd. – Sabra Rd. to Willy Pkwy.
  • Laclede Rd. – Willy Pkwy. to Eastway St.
  • Bowmen Park (Jackman Rd. access)

In conjunction with a road resurfacing project, it is necessary to have lane restrictions on Ottawa River Rd. between Suder Ave. and 290th St.

These lane restrictions are set to begin on Wednesday, May 23. Additional lane restrictions and directional closures to follow.

In conjunction with a sewer repair project, it is necessary to close W. Delaware Ave. between Westlake St. and Lawton Ave. 

The closure begins on Tuesday, May 22 and reopens by end of day on Thursday, May 24.

In conjunction with an abandoned RxR bridge removal for the Bancroft St. reconstruction project, it is necessary to close N. Westwood Ave between Indian River Rd. and Bancroft St. 

The closure begins on Tuesday, May 22 and reopens by end of day on Friday, May 25.

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