Money Talks News: How to save at least 10%

Money Talks News - You wouldn't set your money on fire, flush it down the toilet or throw it out the window, right?

Odds are good you're doing that every time you buy something online, unless, that is, you use a simple, three-step process that will save you at least 10 percent.

First search for a deals site to see if you could find a deal or a coupon on the item you looking to purchase.

If there's no luck, that's okay because you can still save at least 10 percent without one.

Before going to the store website that holds the item, go to a rebate site first. At times they may offer three percent cash back on any purchase depending on the store.

Also using a discounted gift card can help you save as well. But there's others ways you can still save.

Try paying for the item with a cash-back credit card. That's at least one percent.

You could be using that system for virtually everything you buy online, which you should unless you like the idea of doing this with your money.

For more details on the steps mentioned, just go ton the Money Talks News website and do a search for Saving on Everything.

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