Road at Metzger Marsh closed for uncertain amount of time

Road at Metzger Marsh closed for uncertain amount of time

LUCAS COUNTY (WTOL) - Right now, Metzger Marsh, a popular Lake Erie fishing spot is in closed until further notice in eastern Lucas County.

According to a release from The Ohio Department of natural Resources, Bono Road, the access road into Metzger Marsh, has been damaged and is unsafe for vehicular traffic.

Erosion damage was discovered after the high winds pushed water over the road last Friday.

The boat ramp at the Marsh is still open, but ODNR had to close off the road at the ramp since they cant have vehicles parking along the road leading up to the damage because it is too narrow to safely turn around.

But the road is open to foot traffic, but it is still quite a hike if fishermen want to fish along the lake shore 1.2 miles away.

"You know, my wife just had a hip replacement, and I just had bypass surgery so we can't walk that far. So we are limited to where we can can fish. At least when the pier was open we could go out on the pier and we'd have a long way where we could fish. Here, you've got to fish right here," said Tony Ramon who frequently visits Metzger March from Toledo.

As of right now, ODNR is uncertain just how long this road is going to remain closed. They need to get their engineers out here first to evaluate the totality of the damage.

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