Now everyone at home can attend family dinner: Ohio restaurants looking to go dog-friendly

Now everyone at home can attend family dinner: Ohio restaurants looking to go dog-friendly

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Restaurant patios in Ohio could get a lot more pooch friendly.

Ohio Lawmakers have been discussing a bill that would make bar and restaurant patios dog friendly statewide.

Ye Old Durty Bird said they've been a pioneer in having a dog friendly patio.

Julie Ketterman, the general manager of the restaurant said this bill is past due and that many other larger cities outside of Ohio have been more dog friendly for years.

The new bill looks to authorize a food service operation or restaurant to allow guests to bring their four-legged best friends to an outdoor patio. The bill is currently under review by the Health, Human Services and Medicaid committee.

There are certain guidelines restaurants would have to follow but supporters of the bill say this opens up a whole new clientele and answers the demand of constituents to make Ohio more dog friendly.

Julie Ketterman, said their dog friendly success is because of the internal policies they've put in place.

"No, it's gone well. That's why we continue to do it. but you need to have a policy and again the fact that the manager on duty is notified immediately," said Ketterman.

"Some people just don't want a bunch of dogs around which I understand that too but I think if they're outside, why not. And if it's super crowded I wouldn't bring him somewhere like I wouldn't bring him to a super crowded bar just because that wouldn't be fun fro him. But if it's a nice quiet patio, why not," said supporter of dog-friendly Ohio, Lindsay Nagy.

Ketterman adds that being dog friend is good for business.

If the Senate passes the bill, it will head to the Ohio floor then on to the governors desk for signing.

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