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Downtown Toledo Transportation Plan seeks community input

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There’s the saying "you'll do better in Toledo," but Tuesday city leaders were trying to prove it.

Toledoans packed into a meeting room at SeaGate Convention Center to share how they think the city can improve our traffic patterns downtown whether driving, biking, walking or taking a bus.

Neighbors said they love downtown and the development that is happening, but they wish the city made it easier to bike, walk and get around downtown.

"They have been working on these projects and have been doing study after study for years now, but they don't live downtown,” said Lizzie Marck, a downtown resident. “We just feel like we should have some say."

That's exactly what neighbors were able to do Tuesday. They could share how they feel Downtown Toledo can improve. They had all sorts of ideas whether that be more parking, beautifying the streetscape, or making it a more walkable and bikeable community like the Marck family hopes.

"I mean there aren't a whole lot of facilities for biking right now and even on the streets where biking is allowed which is technically all the streets, but even when there are bikes lanes people aren't all that receptive to people on bikes downtown," said Joe Marck, a downtown resident. 

"I think that we should bring streetcars back to Toledo," said Tim Porter. "Because if you have streetcars you can reduce the number of lanes for cars and then you can add your walking and your biking without any problem and get your greenery."

The packed crowd got a taste of exactly what it takes to make a good street, and then were able to build replicas of what they would like to see, and share their comments to go into the plan set to be formalized next year.

While the city knows not all the ideas will be easy, they want to hear everything. You can learn more about the plan here

"It can be difficult to adjust some of these issues," said Stephanie Bartlett, staff professional engineer for the City of Toledo Division of Transportation. "There is a lot of different options, every street is different and we need to look at everyone individually and see what can be done with each individual street."

When it comes down to it, neighbors say they just want to get around safer, easier and make this city better.

The city will have two additional meetings regarding  the Downtown Transportation Plan the next one is this fall and will look at some of their initial concepts.

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