FIRST ALERT: Summertime Weather Coming Soon...

The weather is about to be like the middle of summer in a real hurry!

By this Friday or Saturday our first 90° day of the year is likely.

10-Day Forecast: Wednesday and Thursday will be warm and pleasant.  Highs
will be in the 80s with comfortable humidity levels, good drying conditions.

The humidity level will crank up Friday and Saturday along with temperatures.
The first 90° day of the year is likely along with increasing chance of storms.

Memorial Holiday Weekend: Saturday will bring the highest temperatures and
the highest chance of showers and storms. There may be some relief Sunday
and Monday in lake shore areas with a breeze off the water.

Enjoy the very warm weekend safely.  Remember those who died in service
to our country, those to whom we are forever grateful.  Robert Shiels WTOL