Experts say smaller communities are more likely at risk for school shootings

OREGON, OH (WTOL) - A disturbing trend was discovered in relation to nation's rise in school shootings and it especially affects those who live in smaller communities.

Psychologist Peter Langmann has been studying school shootings for years. He believes school shootings are more likely to happen in communities like Perrysburg, Sylvania or Oregon.

Langman said of the 10 deadliest school shootings in the U.S., all but one happened in towns with fewer than 75,000 residents.

While urban schools have installed metal detectors to keep guns out decades ago, Langman said those in the suburbs felt safe living in low-crime close-knit communities.

Experts say this tends to happen in smaller communities more often because everyone knows everyone. So when something happens to a teenager they feel like they are up against the world and unable to escape their problem

Police departments and local school districts like Oregon have taken notice that mass shootings are happening in small-town America.

"We don't have the attitude 'it can't happen here' we more or less have the attitude it can and have planned and trained for it and hope it doesn't," said Assistant Chief Paul Magdich with Oregon PD.

Oregon PD has three school resource officers that work to prevent school shootings by building relationships with kids, keeping an eye out for  troubled students, as well as teaching and practicing the ALICE method.

"We tried to help the school system and teachers out with ways to stay safe in school if something like this happens and of course and if you have to engage the individual causing the threat you have the tools to deal with that," said Chief Magdich.

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