Additional license plate fees to help Lucas County repair more roads

LUCAS COUNTY (WTOL) - We've already seen our share of road work in the Toledo area, but now Lucas County is ready to begin their $5 million dollars worth of projects on county roads.

"In 2005 they were very good, now I'd say they're fair to good. And we want to keep them good, so we don't have these expensive repairs and problems, " said Lucas County Engineer Keith Earley.

Which is exactly why Lucas County Engineer Keith Earley thanked the Lucas County commissioners Tuesday for passing the permissive additional $5 license fee.

Once collected, Earley said his department will see a 15 percent increase in their road repaving and repair budget.

This year, the county is preparing for a lot of work in Western Lucas county in Springfield township, including Centennial Road, Frankfort, Hill and McCord Road.

But 2018 is a moderate year as far as large scale projects go, as next year has a nearly doubled budget size. Earley says it is in part due to the increased license fees they will receive next year.

"We would do more projects than we would without it, it's a 15 percent increase in funding. But, we went 20 year without an increase, and we lost 60 percent to inflation, and the inflation is probably going to continue," said Earley.

When the engineering department drafted their 6 year Capital Improvements Plan, they had already taken into account the possibility of that 15 percent budget increase.

Remember, those extra license plate fees won't begin to be collected until 2019, so it will still be a year or two until those additional projects can be started.

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