Rainy weather gets spring planters off to a late start

IDA, MI (WTOL) - Parran's Greenhouse in Ida, Michigan, has seen steady crowds this week.

"I always have to have my roses up there," said John Annings, who, along with Emily Robertson, was shopping for their garden oasis atop the roof of the Commodore Perry Building.

"We're going to experiment with a different type of begonia, this time around. I'm also going to be looking for some French marigolds," Annings said.

The pair said that they were only a little behind on getting their flowers this year.

Kathy Pemberton, a customer of the greenhouse, said the weather certainly has set her back.

"Yeah, with all the rain and everything. Now the sun's out so there's a lot more people here now than there was when I was here last week," Pemberton said.

Darlene Parran, of Parran's Greenhouse, said she's had some ups and downs this season.

"Last year we were extremely busy at the end of April and this year it got to the end of April and we were like, 'Oh, wow, this is scary.' But the first week of May, just before Mother's Day, was unreal. We're never busy during the weekdays like we were this year, so it kinda helps because it mellowed the weekends out a little bit," Parran said.

Parran said supply is starting to thin out. Sweet potato vines, bacopa and Prince Tut cyperus have been particularly popular this year, so you may want to stop in soon.

Customers are just excited that spring seems to be sticking around, just in time for summer.

"I just love all the beautiful colors. It just gets you in the mood to buy and plant and get ready for summer," Pemberton said.

Parran's Greenhouse is open seven days a week. Customers can plan their visit by seeing what is available on their website.

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