Jamieson Ditch Project to fix flooding

Jamieson Ditch Project to fix flooding
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo's newest infrastructure project to improve stormwater drainage will start in July to fix longstanding flooding problems. It's being called the Jamieson Ditch Project, Regina Bypass.

An open house was held Monday night at Regina Coeli Catholic Church to update residents.

This is a year-long project to reduce flooding to the point where 26 homes will be removed from FEMA's regulatory flood plan.

Earl Jackson has lived just across the street from the church for about 20 years now. He came Monday to see how much this work could help him and his neighbors.

"From time to time we do get some water in the basement. Haven't had any problem with backups and stuff but I know this area is prone to water building up and as much rain as we've had recently, you never know," Jackson said.

Right now, rainwater can't make it over to Swan Creek, and along the way ends up settling in residents' lawns and basements.

"We're totally tearing out the road, curb to curb, putting a huge new storm sewer in, and a new sanitary sewer. So yeah, it's going to be some disruption but most of it will be during the day while the contractor is working," said Scott Sibley, Administrator of Utility Engineering for the City of Toledo Division of Engineering Services.

A roughly five foot by nine foot pipe will be put in along Bennett Road and wind its way East on Southdale, and North on Spicer before hitting Northdale to move the water to the creek.

A new water main and new sewer pipe will be put in as well.

During the course of the project, there will be some noise, dust, and erosion. Residents will also be temporarily blocked out of their driveways while their portion of the street is being torn up.

"There's a history throughout this part of Toledo especially with residential flooding, water backing up, sewage backing up, and this is part of a monster effort by the city to try to make sure it doesn't happen at all, but certainly not as much as it used to," said Chris Delaney, Toledo City Councilman for the area, District 6.

The construction estimate is $2.6 million, funded by the City of Toledo Stormwater Utility and the Ohio Public Works Commission.

Since implementing a stormwater utility in 2001, the City of Toledo has invested over $44 million to improve stormwater drainage.

Once phase one of this project is done, neighboring, Goodwood, Northgate, and Silverdale will see similar improvements as part of a larger initiative.

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