BG to replace natural gas pipelines

BG to replace natural gas pipelines

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - The city of Bowling Green plans to replace its natural gas pipelines.

That area of Bowling Green will soon be a construction zone as workers start to replace the natural gas pipelines.

Construction begins at the start of June and will run until the end of August. It is expected to impact more than 110 customers.

Owner of For Keeps, Amy Craft Ahrens, has experienced problems with construction in the past and said she is not worried about it affecting her business.

"Honestly the city does such a great job of minimizing these types of interruptions so I think we will be okay," Ahrens said.

The pipelines that run through Main Street in downtown Bowling Green are old and in need of replacement.

The construction will run along Main Street from Oak to Washington.

Workers will not be allowed to work during downtown summer events.

City officials said any questions about construction can be directed to Columbia Gas at 419-351-8398.

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