Maumee, Perrysburg and Northwestern Water and Sewer District look into getting water from Bowling Green

Maumee, Perrysburg and Northwestern Water and Sewer District look into getting water from Bowling Green
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MAUMEE, OH (WTOL) - The Toledo Area Water Authority discussion is continuing.

A new plan is expected to be announced later this week, but, Perrysburg, Maumee, and Northwestern Water and Sewer District are looking at another option.

Maumee Mayor Rich Carr said the best option for Maumee resident's water bills is to get their water from Bowling Green and not from the Collins Park Water Treatment Plant.

The City of Toledo has $600 million in mandated repairs to the plant and with additional mandates for above ground storage, Carr said this makes the option more expensive than Bowling Green.

He still believes regional water is the best option, but said he needs to be exploring what's best for Maumee residents.

If Maumee leaders did decide to use Bowling Green's water they would run the water line from Bowling Green to Perrysburg, and then across the river to Maumee.

Right now, engineers are looking at how and where the lines would run.

Carr said if the costs are close, he would rather choose Toledo because it is better for the region to have everyone at the table.

He said because city leaders continue making changes to the plan, Maumee can't keep waiting around as the contract they have with Toledo expires in February 2026.

The Maumee City planner told Carr they need to have a concrete plan by early next year. Carr said the demands that are taking place are not necessary, such as Toledo City Council having veto power.

"The real problem with this as I see it, there was a fair agreement that was entered into in the Memorandum of Understanding, but there are those in Toledo, and I don't include the Mayor in this group, but instead of regional cooperation, they want regional governance. There is a big difference, they feel that they have to control and those days are gone, we all need to work together," said Mayor Carr.

He believes the TAWA board should set the rates and not one specific entity.

Another one of his concerns is right now, Maumee residents, along with other Toledo customers are paying for their residents unaccounted and unpaid for water bills.

Around 22 percent of the City of Toledo's water is unaccounted for, meaning it is non-revenue water. This includes water leaking through pipes, water being stolen or not being metered properly. It also includes the water used by the fire department.

Another five percent of water bills are unpaid in Toledo. All of this adds up to around $19 million per year.

Carr said Toledo should not be charging all of their suburban communities for a cost they should be eating themselves, and $10 of the $19 million is being paid not by Toledo residents.

The Maumee Mayor calculated that last year his residents paid $733,000 of that pot and said Toledo should be eating that cost.

It is expected the new TAWA plan will be revealed Friday.

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