BG resident falls victim to internet scam

BG resident falls victim to internet scam
(Source: WTOL)

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - A Bowling Green resident was tricked into sending money to two individuals they met online.

The victim had made several wire transfers and received multiple requests before eventually refusing to send the pair any more money.

After denying their request, the resident received threatening phone calls and was told that unless they sent over more funds, charges of fraud and money laundering would be pressed against them.

One of the callers claimed to be calling from 175 W. Wooster St., the address of the Bowling Green Police Division. The caller also used a Bowling Green Police Lieutenant's last name.

Members of the Bowling Green Police Division want to inform the public that they will not call citizens to request money transfers of any kind.

They also want to remind residents that they should be suspicious whenever they receive a phone call or internet request to wire money.

Citizens should never provide any personal or bank information to unsolicited callers.

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