BGSU student with stage 4 bone cancer completing her bucket list

BGSU student with stage 4 bone cancer completing her bucket list
Lexi Evarts (Source: WTOL)
(Source: Lexi Evarts)
(Source: Lexi Evarts)
(Source: Lexi Evarts)
(Source: Lexi Evarts)
(Source: Lexi Evarts)
(Source: Lexi Evarts)
(Source: Lexi Evarts)
(Source: Lexi Evarts)

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - While gearing up for finals her sophomore year of college, Lexi Evarts had intense hip pain.

After numerous trips to the doctor, she found out she had stage 4 bone cancer.

"When you get a diagnosis of 17 percent, you become who you really think you want to be with the time that you have left," said Evarts.

That hasn't stopped her this past year.

She's gone through chemo and radiation, but stayed focused on going back to school to become a speech pathologist as well as making it to see her younger siblings graduate.

"I've definitely changed my whole outlook on everything," said Evarts.

She says it has made her think twice about complaining about normal college things.

As of April, Evarts is in remission, but, Ewing Sarcoma is known for coming back.

"I knew that if I at least beat it this time, that I would get it in my head that I could beat it again. And I'll do it again, and I'll do it again. I did it once, so I can do it again," said Evarts.

During her journey, a group called One List One Life reached out to her after seeing her post on Reddit.

It was started by a man whose friend was diagnosed with bone cancer, and had a bleak diagnoses.

The group asked her to create a bucket list, and, now they're helping her live it.

You can help Lexi with her bucket list here.

Lexi's bucket list includes everything from meeting Selena Gomez to going to a Duke Basketball game at Cameron Indoor.

She's painted murals on the playground at Hilfiker Elementary in Gibsonburg, and she plans on adding to it in hopes of inspiring young students.

Since, her story has gotten national attention, Lexi has appeared on NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt.

"One year ago today, I really didn't know what my future was going to hold, I didn't know anything. Here I am a year later, I was in California, I got to zip line through redwoods, I was like 'this is insane, stuff like this never happens'," said Evarts.

Throughout her journey, her boyfriend, also a student at Bowling Green has stood by her side.

"Just what she's battled through, and what she's doing now, it blows my mind. It does leave me speechless to see her standing here alive," said boyfriend Jay Conner.

Lexi hopes to finish her bucket list in the next couple months, and plans on starting back up at BGSU in the fall.

One List One Life is producing a documentary about her bucket list now.

Lexi will be at Hilfiker Elementary Parent group's 2nd annual family night on Saturday May 19th from 6-8 p.m.

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