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Levies proposed in Wood Co. to help fund cash-strapped addiction and mental health board

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The Wood County Addiction and Mental Health Board says they need additional funding to properly fund their services and are proposing that two levies be placed on the ballot to to do.

Tom Clemons, executive director of Wood County Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Services says their ability to properly serve the community has taken a hit as a result of the opioid epidemic.

Clemons says his department has spent an additional $600 thousand a year more on helping those with an opiate addiction than was projected four years ago.

So the ADAMHS board is requesting to have 2 levies placed on the November ballot; a 1 mill replacement levy and a .3 mill additional levy.

Clemons says if passed the levies would raise an additional $1.3 million for addiction and mental health services in Wood County.

With the opiate epidemic not going away anytime soon, the funding is necessary to not only combat addiction, but also to improve other service as well.

"We have still been able to cut our expenses and reduce our budget. But in spite of those reductions, we're just overwhelmed," said Clemons. "Primarily with the cost of the opiate epidemic, but also some other needs for the mentally ill as well that we really need to address." 

Before being put on the November ballot, the levies still need to receive final approval from the Wood County Commissioners.

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