Findlay groups unite focus on Blanchard River Flood Plan

Findlay groups unite focus on Blanchard River Flood Plan
Blanchard River in Findlay (Source: WTOL)

FINDLAY, OH (WTOL) - Hancock County has been dealing with seemingly constant flooding for over a decade.

So now multiple groups are coming together with a unified voice to help fix the problem.

4 major entities, the Hancock County Commissioner, the city of Findlay, Hancock United for a Better Blanchard; which represents rural areas, and Blanchard River Watershed Solutions; which represents county businesses, have all teamed up.

The goal is to work together to ensure the entire county has a unified focus to work with the Maumee Watershed Conservancy District, who is in charge of the flood mitigation plan.

"We need one unified voice going to the conservancy district. If they're going to amend their plan and allow further projects to go forward, they need to know that our community has thought it through and accept it." said Tim Mayle, spokesperson for Blanchard River Watershed Solutions.

In years past, planning seemed to always hit a dead end, because the agricultural community outside of the city felt the flood plan pushed the city's problem on to them.

Now, every voice will be taken into consideration before the county's recommendations go before the Conservancy district.

"What became clear is they want flooding to be fixed as well. It's not only farmers, it's the rural community. They have homes out their, they work out there, they have transportation; and you start to understand safety issues. They operate under volunteer fire departments." said Mayle.

The group officially handed in a Community Flood Mitigation Position Statement, laying out the groundwork moving forward, and asking that the 4 constituent groups be involved in the planning process moving forward.

And now that the benching and riffle structure removal has begun, the Stantec Engineering firm will release their proof of concept of the next phases of the Blanchard River Flood Mitigation plan in June.

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