Lake Shore Flooding Ahead!

Lake Shore Flooding Ahead!

Gusty east winds and high, western basin water levels has prompted Lake Shore Flood Warning & Advisories for Friday! 

Winds will be powerful, gusting past 35 mph off of Lake Erie, through out the afternoon and into the evening. 

The strong winds and high water levels have prompted concerns for some minor to moderate flooding along the shore line and for the Lake Erie Islands. Damage to docks, boats and equipment is possible. 

If you were hoping to go out on your personal boat today, the water and waves are simply too dangerous. Waves in open water will reach 5 - 8' with a few 10' waves possible as well. A small craft advisory has been issued for Friday and into early Saturday morning. 

The western basin of Lake Erie's water levels are continuing to rapidly rise. Water levels have already jumped over two feet just in the past few hours, with a steep climb expected to continue. 

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