Police officer hit, dragged by vehicle trying to apprehend robbery suspect

Police officer hit, dragged by vehicle trying to apprehend robbery suspect
One of the men involved (Source: Holland PD)
One of the men involved (Source: Holland PD)

HOLLAND, OH (WTOL) - A Holland police officer is in the hospital after being hit and dragged by a vehicle in a Walmart parking lot Friday morning.

The incident happened at the Spring Meadows Walmart around 12:30 a.m.

Police say the officer was hit by a vehicle and dragged several feet. Police say the officer has since been released from the hospital and is a little sore, but doing well.

"That doesn't happen quite as often, thank goodness, but we do have people that resist," said Holland Police chief Robert Reed. "We're a small community, but it can happen anywhere. It's no different, they are the same criminals that are in the big cities that are here."

Officials say the incident stems from an armed robbery at the Walmart two weeks ago. Police say a man stole items from the store but was stopped at the door by an employee.

Police say the man lifted up his shirt to show that he had a gun and told the employee that he would shoot them.

Police say the officer spotted that same suspect in the Walmart parking lot Friday morning. Police say when the officer began to approach the suspect's vehicle, the suspect hit the officer.

Police say the suspect had warrants out for his arrest, which is why the officer approached him.

"The officer knew he already had warrants, so he went to take him into custody," said Chief Reed. "He resisted, got in the car, got it started and drug [the officer] about 30. He finally broke loose and flung him on the ground as the car sped off."

Police say the suspect fled the scene, but two men who were with the suspect were arrested.

Police say the driver is still on the run, but they know who he is.

"First we have to get a warrant. Once we get that warrant signed, we've already contacted the marshal's office. They're going to assist us in finding him," Chief Reed said.

Police suspect the man was on drugs and say he now faces attempted murder charges.

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