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Local hospital launches 'Keep a Promise' to help infants born addicted to drugs

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Two thirds of all child maltreatment cases involve substance abuse and that statistic is rising. 

Medical professionals in Toledo are encouraging people to speak up now. They are taking steps to help protect these innocent victims. 

"We feel sad. I fee sad when I look at those infants. Babies when they suffer for technically no fault of their own," said Gagan Brar, M.D. Neonatolist. 

Mercy St Vincent Medical Center and Children's Hospital publicly launched the 'Keep a Promise' campaign Thursday afternoon. 

It aims to educate northwest Ohio about the relationship between child and substance abuse. It encourages people to speak up and protect children. It also sheds light on ways you can help within the hospital.

At Mercy S.t Vincent Children's Hospital volunteers can be a baby cuddler and help babies addicted to drugs

Diane Wooster cuddles drug addicted babies in the NICU and sees first hand the importance of her job. 

"When you pick up a baby and it's crying and you know it's stressed out and then all of the sudden you're touched. Your loving care makes the baby settle down and fall asleep," said Wooster. 

'Keep a Promise' will target 16 counties in northwest Ohio. 

For volunteer opportunities at St. Vincent  Children's Hospital call 419-251-4145.

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