Rossford Class of 2018 leaving their mark with pranks

Rossford Class of 2018 leaving their mark with pranks

ROSSFORD, OH (WTOL) - It's senior prank week at Rossford High School.

The Class of 2018 has been working to make their mark before graduation in just a couple weeks.

But, this isn't the first time this is happening. Senior Prank week is a tradition here at the school.

Just two years ago, Rossford High School was included in Buzzfeed's article about best senior pranks across the country.

So far this year, the students have done everything from putting a toilet in place of a chair at a teacher's desk to filling the hallway with 3,500 balloons.

The school's communications director says the administration does not have a comment and don't encourage the pranks.

But so far, none of the students have been disciplined. However students have been warned that if any pranks interrupts their education or causes damage to any property, they won't walk at graduation.

And, as fun as all of the pranks look, the bad news is, they have to clean it all up themselves.

"We've had some things we couldn't do, and we know the rules so we're going along with it," said a senior.

"Tomorrow's prank is our last day in high school at Rossford and the last class to graduate from that building. Hopefully we have something to remember for Friday's prank," said another senior.

Students told WTOL 11 that they're saving the best for last.

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