Wood Co. license plate fees to go up $5

Wood Co. license plate fees to go up $5
(Source: WTOL)

WOOD COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - License plate fees will be going up next year for Wood County drivers.

Wood County Commissioners approved a permissive $5 increase for license tax in the county.

The state approved measure is expected to raise additional funding for Ohio counties to repair more roads.

In Wood County, the increase will add an estimated $632,000 a year for road and bridge work.

But County commissioners said that though the increase will help, it still isn't enough to cover the entire need to fully repair every road.

"We're replacing about four bridges a year, and we really need to be replacing closer to nine to keep up, because we have over 450 some bridges," said Wood County Commissioner, Dorris Herringshaw,

The additional $5 fee will go into effect on January 1st next year.

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