Fostoria city pool could not open this year

FOSTORIA, OH (WTOL) - Residents in Fostoria may not have access to their only public pool this summer.

At this week's city council meeting, Fostoria Mayor Eric Keckler informed council that the city's lone public pool has too many needed renovation to be reopened.

The pool requires significant repairs including liner replacement, filter system work, and repairing a leak in the kiddy pool.

Combine all that work with the $50,000 to staff the pool, and the city just can't afford the cost right now as it is currently working its way through a fiscal emergency recovery plan.

Though the public still has access to the pool at the YMCA, residents are worried the lack of access to the public pool will have a negative impact for kids on Summer break.

"You know, the public pool is somewhere for the community members and the kids to go where they have something to do other than to just run around town and get in trouble," said Ketryna Summers, a Fostoria parent

According to what Fostoria Mayor Eric Keckler told city council Tuesday night, the early estimates of repair work is anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000.

But, until the city gets a more accurate estimate on the repair work, they will not know when they will be able to reopen these gates.

Non-YMCA members can access the pool at the Geary Family YMCA at $5 for children, $6 for adults and families with a cap of $15.

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