Ex-TPD detective found not guilty

Ex-TPD detective found not guilty

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Former Toledo Police detective Michael Moore was found not guilty on Thursday after being accused of paying a teen girl for sex.

Michael Moore, 45, was acquitted by a jury in Lucas County Common Pleas Court.

Moore was found not guilty of two counts of compelling prostitution and two counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

After the verdict, he turned to his attorney, Lorin Zaner and gave him a hug.

Zaner wiped away tears as he said he worked this case because he knew he was defending an innocent man.

""I want to get my job back," said Moore.

Moore took himself off payroll at the police department back in November of 2016 after being charged with compelling prostitution and unlawful sexual misconduct with a minor.

His attorneys said Thursday was all about a fresh start for a man who was framed by  troubled teen.

"Why didn't they get her off the street why didn't they help her parents know because they wanted to get Michael Moore," said Zaner.

The prosecutors office said this was a difficult case especially after their key witness died of an overdose and was never able to testify.

The jury deliberated for more than six hours Wednesday and returned the verdict shortly after 2 p.m. Thursday.

The jury had to choose between the word of the now-16-year-old who said Moore paid her to have sex with him, or Moore, who says they never had sex and that he was using the teen as an informant to bust drug dealers on the street.

Moore, who is a husband and father did say that he wants his job back with the Toledo police department. But that will not happen immediately, if ever. An internal investigation will need to be launched first by the department, followed by a chiefs review hearing.

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