Washington Local School Board approves plan to move forward with levy

Washington Local School Board approves plan to move forward with levy

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A unanimous decision to move forward with a continual levy in the Washington Local School District.  This is just the first step in the process of getting the issue on the November ballot.

The proposal is for new money and is a combination levy.

It would raise 49 cents for every $100 of valuation. For a $100,000 home that means $171.50 a year or $14.29 a month.

A majority of the money, about $3 million , would go to current operating expenses such as payroll and books for students while another portion, about $765,000 will be used for  permanent improvements such as building repairs and capital projects.

The board entered executive session during their meeting Wednesday night for nearly two hours, but do believe this levy is what's right for the district.

The board president, Thomas Ilstrup, said the district has been forecasting a need for this levy for a while now because of cuts from state funding and deficit spending.

"What we are doing now is looking forward and suggesting that that deficit spending is going to put us in an actual deficit within five years," said Thomas Ilstrup, Washington Local School Board President. "So, we've known this for quite some time, we've been planning, we've been saving, we've been spending wisely, but at some point you have to come back to the voters for money. I don't like doing it, but that's the reality."

District leaders said they have been lucky to receive community support for previous levies and hope that continues. Neighbors in the district say they plan to support this levy.

"I've loved Washington Local all my life," said Judy Thomaswick, a lifelong resident of the Washington Local School District. "It's where my kids grew up, it's where my family grew up, and we've had a lot invested here. I will be one person working on and supporting this levy. "

The district is also looking at a bond issue to help fund new schools in the future, but still have research to do on that issue before they head to voters.

The Washington Local School board will vote on the 4.9 mill levy for the second time during their June meeting to proceed before it can appear on the November ballot.

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