TASD to give spraying treatment for mosquitoes in neighborhoods

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It's that time of year again where you may begin to see mosquitoes starting to swarm your yard and there are some concerns being raised about what is being used to spray these mosquitoes.

The Metroparks in Toledo are one of the few places in Toledo that are not sprayed.  The rest are going to get treatment starting in a little more than a week.

One neighbor is reaching out to city leaders asking the Toledo Area Sanitary District to take a look at the products they're using to make sure it isn't hurting our pets or children.

She suggests TASD uses a Mosquito Barrier product which is made up of 90 percent garlic and used by other conservation districts.

But, Sanitary District said what they are using on your street is certified by the EPA and the garlic alternative is not.

Jacob Sublett, a biologist with the Toledo Area Sanitary District said these products are peer reviewed and you shouldn't be worried when they are on your street soon.

"These products that we use are public health insecticides. We use them to bolster public health, to make our citizens not have any disease concerns or minimal disease concerns for mosquito control," said Sublett.

Neighbors are able to opt out of the mosquito spraying that is expected to start in just a couple weeks.  Toledo Area Sanitary District leaders ask you to call them immediately if that is the case.