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Ohio officers learn about new technology designed to detect fentanyl

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As the opioid crisis continues to rage on, there have been more stories about the people rushing to save people overdosing who are becoming victims themselves

On Tuesday, democratic U.S. Senator from Ohio Sherrod Brown met with officers from across Ohio, showing them new technology that can detect dangerous fentanyl.

The scanners are being used by federal customs and border protection agents to stop the flow of fentanyl at the border.

"These are dangerous jobs, they always have been of course police work and that's why we honor them. It's more dangerous because if any of fentanyl or car fentanyl gets on an officer's skin, it can have close to lethal effects or some cases lethal effects, so we want to protect them in every way we can and help them do their law enforcement jobs better," said Senator Brown.

Senator Brown has introduced a bill that would help get these scanners into the hands of officers at a local level as well.

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