First water trail in northwest Ohio

LUCAS COUNTY (WTOL) - The first water trail in northwest Ohio is 107 miles of the Maumee River, and could be your next place to take an adventure.

Spanning across five counties and dozens of cities, townships and villages, the Maumee River Water Trail is a collaboration by many invested in connecting people of northwest Ohio to the Mighty Maumee.

"It's the river," said Scott Carpenter, Toledo Metroparks. "It's the river that matters to the paddlers. So working together and kind of blurring those lines make a lot of sense."

Signage, mile makers, maps and information will all be cohesive. including a new website to help paddlers navigate their adventure on the water.

Younger generations said this is a cheaper way for them to get outside.

"It's very enjoying," said Austin Watkins, senior at PENTA. "It's very fun. Just kayaking on the water and stuff it's pretty cool."

Carpenter said collaborating on this project was a no-brainer.

"One of those feel good kind of activities," he said. "It's exploded in popularity. And I think because it is so accessible cost wise and it is one of those things that most people can do."

You can make an afternoon trip or make it last several days. Along the way there are plenty of places visitors can stop off for rest, using the restroom or even grabbing something to eat.

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