Teachers describe burden of spending own money on supplies

Teachers describe burden of spending own money on supplies

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Almost $500 a year for supplies on a teacher's salary can be strenuous.

Some teachers, however, have said that number is on the lower end.

Tiffany Deloye is a special Education teacher at Reynolds Elementary.

She said that she spends roughly $750 throughout the whole year, depending on the circumstances.

Right now, she's on maternity leave, but she tells me, coming in as a new teacher at a school is hard.

"Normally you are coming in with the four walls, the desk, the computers, the chairs, and then you're providing whatever you hope to use for the rest of the year," Deloye said.

Deloye also said that if parents buy everything on the school supply list, that's helpful. She mentioned that if they can afford it, and see supplies on sale, a teacher won't turn extra help down.

"It is definitely rough to spend a good chunk of money. But, that saying is; we go in for the outcome, not the income. So we kind of expect it, as long as our students are happy, they're learning, they're engaged," Deloye said.

Local churches have worked to help ease the burden.

Grace Church, along with 4 others churches in the area have a supply closet for teachers at Reynolds, and three other Toledo Public Schools.

"It's an opportunity for them to be given something, when they spend their whole days giving to kids," Mary said.

The closet is open all year long, and once a month the teachers can come replenish their supplies.

"It cuts down on the amount that they have to spend out of their own pockets. It's also an opportunity for us to help the students and their families through the teachers and the supplies," Mary said.

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