Ticks and mosquitoes on the rise and it's starting to bug people

Ticks and mosquitoes on the rise and it's starting to bug people
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LUCAS COUNTY (WTOL) - It's one of the worst seasons for ticks already and with mosquito season coming soon, it's not going to get better for a while.

Why is this year so rough? Entomologists say there are a number of reasons we've seen and will continue to see so many ticks and mosquitoes.

Areas with high vegetation and standing water are the perfect spots for ticks and mosquitoes.

"The  ticks are bad this time of year for sure especially since it's starting to get overgrown in the woods and what not," said Kevin Marcy out for a walk with his dog. "We're just trying to be careful."

Experts say they are keeping a close eye on the population this year. With tick season already in full effect, some expect mosquitoes to be a bigger issue this year because of all the rain we've gotten. This high volume is caused by a few factors, but mainly our mild winter.

"We're concerned about climate change," said Dr. Daniel Pavuk, an entomologist and lecturer at BGSU. "There's also the fact that people building houses closer and closer to wild organisms like deer, mice and places where there's standing water the mosquitoes breed in, so we have those issues also. People are getting contact with ticks and mosquitoes more and more so there are a lot of issues there."

Dr. Pavuk said another factor in the uptick in these species is the amount of travel we do and what we carry with us. These two organisms are not just pesky, but also have the potential to carry disease.

Dr. Pavuk said it's important to check for ticks when leaving a wooded area and examine bites that appear to be abnormal.

"Not every mosquito and tick has a disease organism in it, but people have to be careful when they are outside using repellants," said Dr. Daniel Pavuk. "Checking your pets, children your family members when you come in everyday from being outside certainly is something to become a habit."

Experts say you shouldn't be afraid to go outside because of this, but you should have the proper precautions when you're out during peak hours and near wooded areas.

To avoid any issues they suggest you carry repellant and use tick preventatives not just on your family, but pets too. If you are headed out they say it helps to wear light colored clothing with long pants, and experts suggest you treat your yard at home. They say you can use mulch to separate wooded areas from your yard and say you should keep your vegetation mowed down.

With tick season is now in full bloom you may find a tick on you. Experts say you shouldn't panic, but there is a best practice to remove them. They suggest you use fine point tweezers, grab the tick close to the skin and gently apply pressure until it lets go.

Of course, if you notice anything unusual about a bite, or experience strange symptoms after noticing a tick you should contact your doctor.

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