Local woman says builder falsely advertised handicap accessible homes to seniors

Local woman says builder falsely advertised handicap accessible homes to seniors
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Retiring, downsizing, finding a home that's suitable spend your later years in life in, this is what one Toledo woman had planned.

But after purchasing a home in a 55 and up community, she started realizing the handicap accessible home she thought she bought didn't meet up to what was advertised.

"I moved in because it said that it was totally, it said it was handicap accessible that's the reason why I moved in," said Jenny Tillman, plaintiff in the case.

Tillman was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 25 years ago. It's something she said she was nervous about disclosing.

"I don't routinely go out and tell everyone that I have MS, you know what I mean? So now everyone knows," she said.

Tillman said she feels Moline Builders falsely advertised to people like her by stating in advertisements that the homes were made for people to age in.

One neighbor is glad Tillman is speaking up.

"We agreed with her," said Mary Anne Stanford, Brooklynn Park resident. "We said you go she is speaking for the rest of us, the little people that you know maybe can't get anywhere but for her with fair housing. yes she speaking for a lot of us."

Tillman said she started realizing her home was ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act compliant while she was volunteering for the Fair Housing Authority.

"I thought there's a standard in here and so that's when I started asking questions," she said.

The president and CEO of the Fair Housing Authority said they have a history of trying to get Moline Builders to apply with the Fair Housing Act and ADA compliance.

The lawsuit was filed Tuesday morning and the Housing Authority is demanding a jury trial.

Moline Builders declined to comment on the lawsuit at this time.

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