City of Toledo offers deal on mulch

City of Toledo offers deal on mulch

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It's time to get out the wheelbarrows. The City of Toledo's Department of Forestry is offering mulch for $15 a cubic yard which is a low price compared to competitors.

"We're not dyed, and they're charging $38 a cubic yard for stuff that is dyed. We have all natural mulch, which is a light mulch and/or a dark mulch. The $15 is comparable to a few places but our delivery fees are very, very reasonable," said Jeff Bright, the City of Toledo Department of Forestry.

Neighbors don't have to live in Toledo to buy this mulch. They're charging $25 to deliver to all neighbors within city limits, $35 for anyone within 15 miles and $50 for anyone further than that.

Anyone can also come pick up the mulch without a charge. More information can be found here.

"It's from all of the products that we take down the city trees that are within a right-of-way, within the City of Toledo, our trimming, our removals, and then we bring them here to recycle," said Bright.

The Department of Forestry takes the trees they've cut down, chops them up, and then turns them into mulch. In turn, this saves tax dollars.

"It helps to get rid of our material because otherwise we would have to take it to a place that would recycle it, which that would cost the city money, which this is not costing a dime for us to do this, except for the processing of the mulch through our beast system," said Bright.

Bright estimates it could cost them around a million dollars to get rid of their tree supply without this program.

The Department of Forestry is open during the week from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

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