TPD warns drivers to lock car doors

TPD warns drivers to lock car doors
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Did you remember to lock your car?

Toledo Police are warning drivers that they've seen a pretty drastic number of drivers making it easy for thieves to snatch purses.

Locking our cars is something we all forget sometimes, but recently in Toledo, in 80 percent of all theft cases the victims have been drivers who left their cars unlocked.

TPD says this type of crime is 100 percent preventable.

"If you have someone coming through an area and they're just trying door handles and yours is locked, they're going to skip and go onto the next one, and then when they find that unlocked car, they're going to see what they can get," said Sergeant Kevan Toney,

Even if you don't think what you're leaving in the car looks valuable, Toledo Police warn that anything could look valuable to a criminal.

"An empty bag even, just put it in the trunk or tuck it under the seat that way it doesn't tempt that would-be thief," said Toney.

TPD created a video for social media to remind drivers of this scary statistic.

Officers said it just takes little reminders like the video, that could prevent you from becoming a victim.

If your hands are full, or maybe you are getting a child out of a car seat, it's easy to just walk away, but TPD said now can be the first day of starting a new trend.

"It's all about routine so, if you just make sure you lock your car every time then it becomes second nature, we've all been there, we've left things in the car, overnight," said Toney.

If you do see suspicious activity, contact Toledo Police.

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