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Family Food Center opening adds to Dorr Street revitalization


Some of us take for granted having easy access to grocery stores. One man from Detroit saw opportunity where others had doubt.

The grand opening of the Family Food Center at Dorr and Detroit took place Monday morning.

This newly updated grocery store is the answer to a bigger problem the community is facing -- access to healthy foods and community investment.

Mark Zaitona, owner of the Family Food Center, owns two other grocery stores in Detroit.

His supplier told him about the opportunity at this grocery store. The Dorr Street corridor has gone from thriving to nearly burnt down in the late 1960s to now starting to find its resurgence.

Zaitona and his family ran an agricultural business in Iraq before moving to the U.S. over 20 years ago. Today, he owns and operates urban grocery stores in Toledo, Flint, and Detroit.

With the help of the city of Toledo, Lucas County and Local Initiatives Support Corporation, more than $100,000 was invested in this store.

Zaitona says since he started renovations, local shoppers have come in and hugged him with a big thank you.

"The neighborhood needed it. ... I drove around the neighborhood and they don’t have another store around here for two point something miles another grocery store.”

The owner says he already has plans to expand the parking lot and add hot foods at the request of the customers.

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