Toledo pastor accused of sex crimes enters guilty plea

Toledo pastor accused of sex crimes enters guilty plea

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A Toledo pastor accused of sex crimes against children plead guilty to all four counts against him.

Kenneth Butler is one of three local pastors accused of these crimes, and the first to take a plea deal.

Butler's plea deal would involve a sentence of 17-and-a-half years. He would be released when he is 55 years old. With this plea deal, butler is waving his right to a trial.

Butler faced three life sentences if he didn't accept this deal.

The courtroom heard the evidence the federal government had against butler Monday afternoon.

The prosecution states Butler met a young girl through pastor Anthony Haynes and had unprotected sex with the girl at least five times in different locations including a church.

The prosecution added that Butler paid the girl on occasion and gave her rides or pick her up before and after the encounters.

According to the U.S. attorney, there was another young victim.

Along with Butler, Anthony Haynes and Cordell Jenkins are charged with sex trafficking of children.

Butler is the pastor of Kingdom Encounter Family Worship Center on Secor Road.

According to court documents, Butler allegedly met a teen at Haynes' church and paid to have sex with the minor several times.

The victim told the FBI she would have sex with Butler inside his car, and in one incident in an alley off of the Anthony Wayne Trail.

Prosecutors say Butler had unprotected sex with the girl at least five times in different locations, including a church.

Butler paid the teen for sex on most occasions, according to court documents.

The US attorney says there is another young victim.

Documents also reveal a taped phone call that led to the charge against Butler. Butler is allegedly heard confessing to having sex with a teen in his car and then paying her.

With the plea deal, Butler is waiving his right to a trial.

If the judge does not accept Butler's plea deal and feels Butler deserves more jail time, Butler can withdraw his plea.

The judge will not accept the plea deal Monday as he wants to review the pre-sentence report first.

Butler will be sentenced in September.

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