You could win cool Metroparks T-Shirt from Jupmode

You could win cool Metroparks T-Shirt from Jupmode

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The Toledo Metroparks have a few new things going on as the weather is getting nicer.

If neighbors are out exploring the Metroparks the next few months, they may find a sign that looks like a t-shirt, what they do next, could get them a free Jupmode Metropark shirt.

After finding the sign, park-goers take a selfie with it and post it to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag, #getoutsideyourself, then every month a winner is picked.

"You win a T-shirt if you are drawn, but you're a winner if you get out and discover a park maybe you haven't been to before," said Scott Carpenter, the spokesperson for the Metroparks.

The sign will rotate around to a new Metropark each month until the end of the year.

  • May - Side Cut
  • June - Wildwood
  • July - Swan Creek
  • August - Secor
  • September - Providence
  • October - Oak Openings
  • November - Middlegrounds
  • December - Pearson

This is a partnership with Jupmode, who sells the Metroparks shirts, and

"Each time we put out a new batch, somebody says how about this park or what about this activity so we're going to try to keep up and see what is popular, we will keep bringing back to popular designs and keep adding some new ones," said Carpenter.

Along with this, Metroparks staff have been busy the past month planting 47 thousand trees.

There were 30,000 trees planted in the Oak Openings Corridor and at Swan Creek Preserve, more at the new Howard Marsh, and the rest at the Fallen Timbers Battlefield.

The $274,000 came from the Pittman-Robertson Act, which collects an excise tax on hunting gear to invest in habitat restoration.

"The hope is just that, to reforest these open spaces for all of the benefits trees provide, clean air, clean water, habitat for wildlife, and a nice shady place to sit under and read a good book," said Carpenter.

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