County auditor responds to property value challenges by school districts

County auditor responds to property value challenges by school districts
Lucas County Auditor Anita Lopez (Source: WTOL)

LUCAS COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - The property taxes of dozens of homeowners in the Anthony Wayne School District are being challenged by the district, which could mean those homeowners could pay thousands more a year.

On Friday, Lucas County Auditor Anita Lopez responded.

Every three years, Anita Lopez and the Auditor's office is required to reassess the value of every property in the county.

This is happening in 2018.

Lopez is asking school districts to d rop these complaints, and wait until her office does its job first.

Then, the public schools, funded largely by property taxes, will get more money, some around $100,000 dollars more a year.

The last time properties were assessed was in 2015, following 3 years of a recession.

Lopez says this resulted in conservative property values.

Since the market has since taken off, property values will likely increase, which means homeowners will pay more in taxes.

The school districts only file complaints for new homeowners when there is a big difference between what their current assessed property value is compared to what they bought the home for.

Lopez says Anthony Wayne, Toledo, Maumee, and Oregon all are taking advantage of this law this year.

"I hope they wait to let me do my job, give me feedback on what they think of the new values, let the citizens have an opportunity to participate, let the law work fairly, let me do my job this summer," said Lopez.

Lopez says if it's not about needing the money, the school districts should trust the process.

She applauds Sylvania Schools for not suing homeowners this year after doing it in the past.

Lopez says you could see your new property value as early as next month.

The Anthony Wayne School Board plans on hearing the concerns from neighbors at Monday's board meeting before making a decision.

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