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Findlay residents worry about potential drug recovery home in their neighborhood

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A group of residents in Findlay are worried about a potential drug treatment center right across the street from their homes.

"I think they're upset about it, and it's simply because we don't know anything about that organization," said Carol Reed-Tarney, who has lived along Manor Hill Road since 1994.

A vacant Findlay building at 1800 Manor Hill Road is proposed to be the site of a potential drug recovery home, operated by Desert Cove Recovery out of Scottsdale Arizona.

But nearby neighbors on Manor Hill Road, who live right across the street, are worried that they have not been informed enough about what will be going on there.

"We've heard all types of rumors, so I don't know. So, it's mainly the security issue, and what type of traffic is going to be going in and out of that," said Carol.

Carol says only two of the residents in this neighbor ever received information in the mail. There already is a drug treatment center, literally next door from the proposed one, but Carol said the two are not the same.

"But, they are open from mainly, I imagine, from eight to four. Where this is going to be open 24 hours. So, you know, we want to know what type of security are you going to offer this area," said Carol.

On Thursday, the Findlay City Planning Commission was supposed to vote on the rezoning of this property, but delayed their vote to give the operators of the future drug treatment center time to respond to the residents who are against the proposal.

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