South Toledo house on it's way to becoming home for family of 11

South Toledo house on it's way to becoming home for family of 11
Work continues on rehabilitation of the home on Western Ave. that will become home to a family of 11 (Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Members of the northwest Ohio community are coming together to make sure a family has a safe place to stay.

Crews are working to make a 100-year-old house on Western Ave. in South Toledo new again for a family of 11 desperate for a place to call home.

Friday was another demolition day.

"The matriarch of the family calls me periodically wanting to know what is going on they are anxious to see it but i am holding them off I want them to wait until it's a little more finished," said Bob Welly of Historic South.

The project is a community effort.

St. John Jesuit students involved in the Labre Project got the ball rolling after ministering to the family.

Historic South Initiative, The Land Bank and The Community Cares Clinic are all chipping in, raising funds and rolling up their sleeves to get the job done.

"It's a great opportunity especially as a student to get out of the library and really get involved in the community and see what we are working towards in the classroom come to life," said Nicolas Burkholder from the Community Care Clinic.

A lot of big projects have been completed already; a roof, a foundation as well as bringing all the utilities to working condition.

With most of the essential outdoor work complete, crews will begin concentrating efforts inside, updating windows, the furnace, hot water heater, adding cabinets, light fixtures and color to the walls.  Everything will be new and updated giving the family a place to call home for decades to come.

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