Christmas dreams start now: Police chief wait night aids fundraiser

Christmas dreams start now: Police chief wait night aids fundraiser

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - They make the dreams of kids come true every year at Christmas. But before they can provide a day of cheer, memories and gifts they need your help.

Feet on the Street, a nonprofit that promotes the development of individuals interested in careers as law enforcement professionals, has established a yearly Christmas tradition that sees kids paired up with police officers for the day. They get breakfast and lunch and a visit with the big guy himself. And then, they get a chance to go on a shopping spree for themselves.

Zach Stewart with Feet on the Street started off helping just 12 kids but this past year made Christmas possible for even more. And he's looking for the community's help to keep spreading the joy.

"Just to put a smile on those kids faces every year leaves you speechless nothing describes the feeling of those officers and the people who put this on to see a smile and know the kids are having a good day," said Stewart.

Right now, tickets are on sale for the charity's big fundraiser. It will be held June 3 at The Benchmark Restaurant in Levis Commons in Perrysburg. Seatings start from 5 p.m.-6 p.m. Tickets include and appetizer, dinner and dessert. Tickets are $50 per person or $100 per couple. Attendees will not only enjoy a great dinner but it will be served up by local police chiefs.

Those same chiefs will be writing "citations" during the evening -- collecting the money to go back to this program that provides so many memories for little ones.

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